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Property Tax Appeals

The values of our homes and commercial property have fallen dramatically during this recession. As a result, please be sure that the Tax Assessor in your county is appraising your home or commercial property accurately and fairly.

Cobb Tax Assessor links:

Cherokee Tax Assessor's office

Property Tax Exemption Forms

Click on the links below for:

  • Homestead Exemptions
  • School Tax Exemptions
  • Elderly Tax Emption

Cobb Link

Cherokee Link

Tours of the State Capitol

I am honored to give tours of our State Capitol to Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops, school groups, senior citizens, etc. Please call my legislative office for further information.

Flag flown at Capitol

Flags flown over our State Capitol make a great gift to recognize an individual or organization.
If you would like to receive a flag flown at our State Capitol, please call my legislative office for further information.

Resolution from the GA House of Representatives

We can also write a House of Representatives Resolution to honor, recognize and commend individuals, groups, schools, etc.

Examples include:

  • Schools and churches in our community
  • Citizens who have made a significant, positive impact on our community
  • Students with a specific academic, athletic or extracurricular achievement

These Resolutions come with a State of Georgia seal and arrive in a protective, black folder suitable for presentations.

If you would like a Resolution from the GA House of Representatives, please contact my legislative office.