New Conservative Leader that Works for Us.

Lower Taxes

As a CPA, I understand the devastating effects of high taxes on both our families and businesses. Individuals know best how to spend their money and create jobs - not the government.

Reduce personal income taxes so our families have more money to make ends meet. Eliminate corporate income taxes to attract jobs. Implement a simpler sales tax to ensure everyone pays their share to reduce income taxes.

Attract Jobs

It's time to get our economy working again. The only way to do so is to create jobs and get our families back to work. Georgia must be the number one state in the country for business and job creation.

  • Eliminate corporate income taxes.
  • Reduce regulations and cut red tape.
  • Protect our schools in Northeast Cobb and Southeast Cherokee while improving education in Georgia.
  • Reduce traffic congestion.
  • STOP OBAMACARE. Obamacare will bankrupt our small businesses and cause thousands of more job losses in Georgia.  In addition, once implemented, Obamacare will add over $500 million  to Georgia's state budget.  We must do everything in our power in Georgia to fight implementation of Obama's  socialized healthcare plan.  It will kill jobs, destroy our healthcare system, and hurt our families.

Limit Government

Government should be limited and accountable. Further expand zero-based budgeting at the state level to (1) eliminate unnecessary spending increases and (2) find and cut wasteful government programs.

Prioritize Spending

Cut waste and limit government spending to the rate of population growth and/or inflation.

Protect Our Values

You have my word that I will protect our conservative values every day in the State House. That isn't a talking point for me. Words have meaning, and you can trust me to vote that way.

  • I am 100% pro-life (endorsed by Georgia Right to Life). You have my word, I will support efforts to protect life from conception to natural death, no matter what.
  • I will protect the sanctity of marriage.
  • I will protect our 2nd Amendment rights. We need to expand our 2nd Amendment rights, not limit them. I will oppose any liberal efforts to trample upon our right to bear arms.

Improve Education

I will continue to work to protect our schools, improve schools around Georgia and protect our state universities and technical schools in order to create a skilled workforce to attract new jobs to Georgia.

As a product of Georgia's K-12 public education system, I know there's nothing more important to our children and attracting jobs to Georgia.