Carson gets first bill signed by Gov.

NORTHEAST COBB - John Carson (R-east Cobb), who is in his first term in the Georgia House, said it was a great feeling seeing Gov. Nathan Deal sign his first bill into law on Thursday, a deregulation bill Carson said will save Cobb taxpayers money.

House Bill 1089 strikes a section of the Georgia code that requires counties with large populations to go through extra zoning review procedures.

Carson said he carried the bill at the request of Virgil Moon, the county's director of support services.

"It was one of those population bills created close to 30 years ago by Fulton and DeKalb County, and basically it inserted a stipulation in the zoning requirements that if you are looking at any kind of commercial rezoning that you had to hire a consultant and do a best-use analysis of the property, which could cost a lot of money every time you consider the rezoning on commercial," Moon said.

Carson said the law would have subjected counties with populations of 625,000 or greater to the extra requirements. That would have caught Cobb, because the latest census numbers have Cobb's population at 688,000, Moon said.

"We're very pleased about it," Moon said. "Rep. Carson was able to get the law completely taken off the books."

Back when the economy was booming and Cobb was undergoing many rezoning hearings, the extra zoning requirement could have cost the county about $100,000 a year, Moon said.

As for those counties that want to continue performing the extra zoning steps, they're free to do so, it's just that counties that don't want to incur the extra expense don't have to, Carson said.

Carson said he received a nice letter from a Gwinnett County official thanking him for the bill, since Gwinnett would have been subject to the extra steps as well.

"It's a fantastic feeling of accomplishment that I'm doing what people elected me to do," Carson said of his first bill being signed into law. "That's what I wanted to run on is to be conservative but also effective."

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by Jon Gillooly