Though lacking any political experience, I ran for State House because I believed that we needed new, conservative leadership. We needed new ideas and a public servant, not a career politician, who would stand up for, and be accountable to, the people.

I am blessed with a wonderful, loving family, and I have a good professional career. Public service has been a worthwhile sacrifice, as I have a passion to serve this community and protect our conservative values. And since I have a career and don’t need political office to maintain a living, I believe I am well-positioned to vote my conscience and truly represent our district. In short, I am freely able to represent my constituents, not compromise my ideals just to keep a job.

When I first ran for office, I promised you that I would provide a new conservative voice for our families– that I would be effective in providing accountable, limited government that never forgets it works for you. In my time as your Representative, I have kept my promises and delivered for you.